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Why You Need To Back Up Your Data To The Cloud! (Backblaze Review)

In an age where hard drives are destined to fail, we must implement multiple levels of backup/protection. Regardless of how you use your computer, whether it be for personal or professional use, you're going to want your data covered. In this article, I discuss an excellent cloud storage solution that will give you the peace of mind you've been looking for.

Backblaze cloud storage logo

BackBlaze Cloud Storage

There are countless cloud storage options to backup or store your data to. When choosing what solution you'd like to go with, I suggest you consider these three aspects to look for in a cloud service: Reliability, Security, Customer Service, Longevity. It's imperative that you pick a service that includes most or all of these factors, in order to properly protect and store your data.

Backblaze cloud storage is a backup cloud service that will let you pick a computer to continuously backup to the "cloud." To demystify the cloud a bit, it's actually just a what I would consider to be a particular services servers. For instance, if you choose to backup your data to Backblaze, then your data will be stored on their servers, which is basically just a farm of hard drives that they monitor 24/7. I recently did an entire video review of Backblaze which you can find here.

Unlimited Storage & Peripherals

The best part about backblaze is the fact that they offer unlimited storage for your computer and external hard drives, for the affordable price of $5/month. You can also opt for even cheaper options if you purchase the extended subscriptions, like I did. This service is part of the reason that I'm able to offer lifetime archival for many of my projects for my Westchester, New York video production company. Since I have so many terabytes of data on their servers, it would be somewhat difficult to recover all of it quickly. Backblaze offer multiple ways of restoring your data. You can download it for free of their website, but this is going to take a long time and rely heavily on your download speeds. However, backblaze also offers the option to obtain physical drives with your restored files. For $100 you can get a flash drive up to 128gb, or for $189 you can get a hard drive up to 4tb. If those prices seem daunting, backblaze has a refund program if you ship the drives back after obtaining your files. This essentially makes the transaction free.

Safe And Secure

Backblaze cloud storage is an extremely safe and secure service for multiple reasons. They offer a deeper authorization to access your account, should you want that. Additionally, all information is encrypted while being transferred onto their servers. This prevents your data from being vulnerable to cyber attacks while it's on the web. Lastly, backblaze uses their own proprietary software that analyzes and backups your data. This dodges the vulnerabilities involved with using Java, which is apparently responsible for "91% of security attacks."

Pros & Cons Of Backblaze

  • Most affordable solution with features in mind

  • Continuous or scheduled backups

  • Backups stored up to 30 days

  • Unlimited backup

  • Unlimited external hard drives

  • Options to restore by email or flash drive/hard drive by mail

  • Ability to locate computer

  • You determine CPU threads

  • Mac and PC, Android and OS

  • Refund program for hard drive backups

  • Perhaps an additional price for some separate storage outside of your computer

  • Initial backup will take very long (Inevitable)

  • Can't share files without paying for their B2 service

  • Website seems slightly slow


In conclusion, Backblaze cloud storage is an excellent option to backup your computer and external hard drives. The fact that you could backup your hard drives was easily the part that sold me on this service. I sleep much better at night knowing that if everything in my office space fails, I'll have it stored with backblaze. The proprietary software automatically toggles the software's CPU usage which makes it perfect for creatives who use CPU intensive programs, much like me. If you're looking for a near-impenetrable backup solution at an affordable price, backblaze will be your best bet!

Use my link for a mutual free month of backblaze!

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